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2021년 1월 3일 일요일

Popped cereal cakes for circle

Shinyoung Mechanics makes popped cereal cake machines of various shapes.

Among them, the shape that is traditionally sold the most is the circular shape, and in particular, the circular model of 80 to 100 mm, which produces popped cereal cakes, is the most sold.

Models that make circular-shaped products use rice, corn, and whole wheat, and are sold as cereal products.

It is also used in a variety of ways with toppings, and is also sold as a snack with chocolate coating.

The circular-shaped models we have are:


SYP8002 popped cereal cake machine

SYP8502 popped cereal cake machine

SYP9002 popped cereal cake machine

SYP9502 popped cereal cake machine

SYP10002 popped cereal cake machine 

Video of SYP9002 Popped cereal cake machine

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