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2021년 1월 9일 토요일

Popped Triangle chip test by SYP5306T Grain Processor

Popped Triangle chip test by SYP5306T Grain popper

We tested the chip type using SYP5306 Triangle rice cake machine. For this test, Titanium coated mold is used and titanium coating is optional.

Test Material: 100% Korean rice
Type#1: Chip
Type#2: A
Test Model:  SYP5306 triangle rice popper
The SYP5306T model is a model that produces 53mm triangular rice or corn chips. This model produces 2,160-3,084 pcs of rice chips per hour. It is mainly used to make triangular corn chips.

SYP5306T specification

Related models for triangle shape rice popper
SYP4808T 43*40mm(H) Triangle 8pcs / shot

SYP5804T 58*53mm(H) triangle 4pcs / shot

SYP5804T 58*53mm(H) triangle 6pcs / shot

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